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3% Travel Solution

Learn the three great secrets making travelers and travel arrangers excited about this new Travel Management System. 

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Inclusive By Design

  • Better Traveler Experience and Service
  • Faster Technology and Resources
  • Cheaper by 30%!

A complete travel management system at 3% the cost of Airfare!

Over 50 services included!  NO OTHER FEES!

Business Travel News
Traveler Priorities

Business travel news conducted a study to find the top priorities when it comes to corporate travel programs 
On a scale of 1 to 5, rate the following TMC value propositions for your travel program on a go-forward basis.
Source: BTN 2020 State of the Industry Survey, 307 travel buyers

What is included in the 3% Travel Solution?

A Travel Management System designed with all the features you want at a fraction of the cost! This is just eight of many services that are included.

No Fee for Itinerary Changes 
No Fee for Car or Hotel Reservations
No Minimum or Management Fee, no after-hour charges
No Fee or Limit on direct access to reporting data
Access Your Exclusive Online account including airline credits
Team of elite NTS agents supporting delayed/canceled flights
Always Available, 24/365 inclusive travel agent support
Access to Leading Edge Travel Tech without surcharges

Better.  Faster.  Cheaper.

Who is National Travel?

A 44 Year Success Story

  • Headquartered in Charleston, WV and Founded in 1977
  •  Strong Financial History - AAA-1 Dunn and Bradstreet Rating
  • Travel Weekly Awarded - Best Employee Incentive Plan
  • ​Client Satisfaction 99.1% measured quarterly from Client Surveys
  • Ranked in the top 1% of US TMCs by Business Traveler News 

Our Purpose:
“To give great service to every client, every time, by providing high expertise and disciplined quality of work."

Our Mission
"To be indispensable to our clients."

Our Dynamic Travel Management System

Better Travel Management
  • 44 years of award-winning corporate travel management
  • ​Highly trained and experienced Agents
  • Excellent VIP Benefits
  • ​Easy booking process
  • ​Proactive and Quick Response Time
Easier Expense Processing
  • Fully Integrated expense tools
  • ​Simplified Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Proven to save 30% on Travel Management Expenses
  • ​Strong history and negotiation power with suppliers
Faster Convenient Technology
  • Specialized Online Booking Tools
  • ​Mobile App with itineraries and expense recording tool
  • Client Portal for all your travel itineraries and data in one place. 
  • ​Event Booking Optimization Software

Hotels are NOT Commodities

regardless of how Trivago,, Expedia or other sites make it appear.

Multiply your point value!

*Earn your hotel membership points as well as Travel Reward Points on every booking!

No Fee for Hotel Reservations!

National Travel has a network of over 58k properties worldwide to maximize the options for our clients.

Members of:
American Express Preferred Properties

Preferred Hotels & Resorts represents one of the world’s finest and most diverse portfolios of independent hotels. 

ABC Premier Properties

City sold out? ABC contracts and manages inventory with hotels in 176 key destinations worldwide – we have the rooms that no one else does.

A Confirma partner to ensure payment security

Partners in Technology

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We will not spam your email or send any non travel-related information. 

VIP Services

Our VIP Services are included in the 3% Travel Solution! Each client can designate 10% of their team as VIP Travelers.

  • Your Own Dedicated Goldwing Agent
  • ​Complete Concierge Services Team
  • ​Special International Receptions
  • ​CLEAR application fee reimbursed 100%
  • ​Expedited Passport and Visa Applications
  • ​Special Black Car Reservations
  • ​Upgrades whenever Available 
  • ​Complimentary Black Car pick ups on select business class international flights.

User-Friendly Technology

At National Travel we are always working to develop cutting edge technology to provide the most conveniences and comforts possible to our clients.   Below are just a couple examples of our proprietary developments.
Travel app Intelligent Traveler

Intelligent Traveler Client Portal

Our Travel Control Board provides access to all travel data, itineraries, invoices, traveler mapping and travel alerts in one central place!

Intelligent Traveler Mobile App

The Intelligent Traveler Mobile App gives your travelers the power to easily access their itineraries, record expenses and quickly contact us while they are on the go!  
Travel app Intelligent Traveler

Better.  Faster.  Cheaper.

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Experience and Expertise
NTS Travel Specialists receive over 200 hours of training when they join our team and an additional 200 hours per year to stay in the forefront of travel knowledge!

 Each team member is prepared for any travel situation you may have and ready to assist 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

All assistance is conducted entirely in-house to ensure only the best in quality service.
National Travel Agent at her desk
National Travel Agents

Special Service International Agents

Here to make the world easily accesible for you

  • Complex itineraries
  • ​Passport and Visa assistance
  • ​Hotel and Rental Car bookings
  • ​Translation services
  • ​CDC warnings, updates, and recommendations
  • ​Cultural protocols and recommendations
  • ​Embassy locations
  • ​State department advisories
  • ​​Complimentary Black Car pick-ups on select business class international flights.
International Travel Agent
Your team of Special Service International agents are comprised of best-in-class industry veterans with superior knowledge of international fare rules, regulations, requirements, and global destinations. 
Travel Rewards Points
Client Incentive Program
Reward Employees
Reward employees for travel Policy Compliance or sales and performance incentives.

Obtain upgrades on seats, flight amenities, leisure packages, and more!

Reward employees with the use of the points

Earn Points on Reservations with:
  • ​Any hotel / resort booked utilizing American Express or ABC Prime Hotels
  • ​Over 58,000 properties worldwide!
*does not impact other membership or loyalty programs
3% Travel Solution also allows membership in National Travel's Leisure Travel site and can be used to purchase leisure cruises or tours.

National Travel's charter aircraft division is specialized in finding the optimal aircraft and quotes for any size group to any location.

Our team is highly knowledgable on the intricacies of private aircraft and will work to find EXACTLY what you are looking for at the best rate available.

  • Save Time
  • ​Enjoy More Comfort
  • ​Amazing Convenience 
  • ​Private and Secure
  • ​Earn Travel Rewards
Savings Guaranteed!
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Enhancements + Savings = Value

3% Travel Solution

The only cost is 3.0% - 3.8% of your airfare and rail, charged per transaction.

More Online Booking = Lower Annual Cost

Booking fee Evaluated on Annual Basis

Cost Analysis

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  •  Personal Onboarding Coach 
  • Designated Account Lead 
  • Adoption Incentives and Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 3% fee based on?
It is a transaction fee added on the traveler's airline or rail fare purchases.  More online booking makes this fee percent go down from 3.9% to 3.0%
How does online booking affect the fee?
The more you book online, the lower your fee will be.  This is adjusted on an annual basis.  If 70% or more are online bookings then your fee is 3.0% even, 40% or less online bookings and your fee is 3.9%.    
Do you have the ability to integrate travel purchases with company expense reporting?
Yes, we are a reseller of Chrome River and have a longstanding relationship with Concur. We also have our tech and accounting team work closely with yours to ensure a smooth transition with any system you may be using. 
Is your online fee and full agent reservation is exactly the same?
Yes, the fees will not change between a full agent booking or an online reservation, but quarterly the fee may decrease if more bookings are made online.   
Are International Reservations included in the 3%?
Yes! Our international teams are available to everyone at no additional cost. This includes a designated international specialist for your trip!
What is the cost of VIP service?
Our VIP services are based on 1 out of 10 travelers or 10% of your travelers may be listed as VIP at no additional cost. 
If you are charging 3% based on air spend. What is your incentive for seeking lower fares?
We do a daily audit on all self booking tickets to ensure tickets are booked at the lowest logical airfare and provide reports.
What if we only need a hotel or rental car?
There is no charge for hotel or rental car reservations as long as the hotel is with an American Express Hotel Preferred or ABC Premier Hotel Program. Approximately 58,000 hotels worldwide. Also, if your company has a negotiated rate with a particular hotel, no fee applies.
What does 3% NTS offer that is different than a TMC with a management fee?
Minimum cost with maximum services.
Is there a cost minimum when utilizing low cost carriers?
No minimum!

60 Day Free Trial, No Obligation, Savings Guaranteed

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