Corporate Airline Flights

Find the lowest logical airfare that fits your needs with seat preferences and route optimization to save your travelers from stress while saving your company money!

We help find the most efficient, comfortable, and best route by:

  • Comparing alternate origins/destinations to find the best options for you.
  • Analyzing connection cities and times to avoid missed connects and create a stress-free flight experience.
  • Comparing seat maps across airlines and departure times to find the most comfortable option for you.
  • Finding the lowest logical airfare that fits your needs to save your company money.
  • Give instant access to the itinerary via Email, the IT App, or our Website for quick reference.

Additional corporate airline flight services for your convenience

  • Flight Insurance – We include a standard flight life insurance of up to $250,000 per traveler to cover the unlikely event of an airline accident.
  • Frequent Flyer enrollment assistance if requested.
  • Save all membership numbers in the traveler’s profile so you don’t need to remember them.
  • Seat selection, monitoring, and purchasing, if your preference is not available, we will monitor your flight for a better seat to open up or help in purchasing a better seat at your request.
  • Baggage tracking or lost baggage assistance so you can get on with your life while we track down your luggage.
  • Traveler’s Rights Advisement, we know what the airlines are responsible for and how to help in any situation.
  • Split Ticket Payments – We can accept multiple forms of payment on ticket purchases if needed.
  • Corporate Airline Mile Programs – We can help you qualify, sign up, and use these to your company’s advantage.
  • Flight Stats Monitoring – automated system that watches for any travel interruptions so you know faster and can plan ahead.
  • En-Route Assistance – We are here to provide assistance or recommendations throughout your entire travel experience, so you always have a travel expert in your pocket.

Services you can depend on

Special Corporate Airline Flights

Find the lowest logical airfare that fits your needs with seat preferences and route optimization to save your travelers from stress while saving your company money!

Software that keeps a watchful eye on all our airline reservations to alert of any interruptions, delays, or cancellations so you can rest easy!

Our agents are constantly monitoring the Flight Stats system which alerts us if any reservation we have booked could suffer interruptions. This allows us to alert our travelers as soon as something comes up so we can help you to adapt faster and get back to your business. We will reach out with a phone ca

ll with new flight options already selected to get your travelers rerouted faster so they can always get where they need to be when they need to be there.

A Critical Special Service for your Corporate Airline Flights

On a good day, airline operations incur approximately 176,000 flight delays and/or cancellations. These delays and/or cancellations disrupt travel plans of both business and leisure travelers, often with traumatic results. National Travel has made these travel events a priority and our agents work to select the best solution for every flight interruption.

Irregular Operations (IROPs) training is a priority for all of National Travel’s advisors. Each traveler’s flight interruption, or potential problem, is acted on in real time. On many occasions, our Travel Specialist will have already selected alternate flights for an itinerary as a backup, before the client is even aware of the issue!

Our advantage is that we research and analyze not only one airline or routing, but on multiple airlines and routing options to find the best solution. On a stormy winter day, it is not uncommon for our Concierge Group to act as triage in routing flight status reports to our Travel Advisors, who may have hundreds of these issues to work through during a daily operation. Our services, including the rerouting and re-booking of itineraries impacted by IROPs, are available 24 hours a day, without charge!

Special Service – International Desk

Our team of globe-trotting agents are able to assist with country specific travel recommendations, cultural advice, restaurant recommendations/reservations, and much more!

Agent with headset

Our Agents will assist with:

  • Passport and VISA Assistance/Procurement
  • Global Entry Payment/Procurement
  • Interpreter Procurement and Assistance
  • International Currency Exchange
  • Country Briefing Protocol
  • International Meet and Greet Reservations
  • International Black Car Reservations
  • Rail Schedules, Ferry Reservations
  • Consolidator Ticket Review
  • Duty of Care- stay connected with your travelers traveling internationally.
  • CDC Bulletins, State Bulletins, Embassy Locations
  • In-house Monitoring, Passengers on a Plane