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Full Featured Corporate Online Booking Functionality on an off-the-shelf budget

Business travel is one of a company’s most important investments. And even with a tight budget, it’s crucial that travelers have the best experience possible. Etta Go, powered by Deem, is here to help. It’s an online travel booking solution built specifically for small-and medium-sized businesses—and the hardworking travel management companies (TMC) that manage their travel.

Etta Go has many of the Deem features business travelers love most. The modern interface makes it a snap for travelers to book or change any aspect of their trip. And because Etta Go is up and running in less than 10 minutes, your customers stay in policy and rein in costs from day one. Nothing stands still in business. So when your customers grow and need extra functionality, the full-service Etta platform has them covered.

EttaGo Travel Platform

Corporate Travel Management for your business.

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Corporate Online Booking

Corporate Online Booking

Corporate Online Booking Tool 

The online booking engine we provide access to is the same tool used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies. This engine allows access to either a standard or a customized booking system with a wide range of functionality.

Corporate Airline Ticketing Screen Shot

  • Personalize your booking tool to prevent travelers from booking out of policy flights and easily improve travel policy compliance.
  • Save corporate air and car accounts to your site so corporate airline miles or negotiated rental agreements will automatically be included with every reservation.
  • Include personalized notifications to alert travelers of company policies or announcements.

Convenient Traveler Profiles

Save your travel preferences and membership numbers right to your profile so you never need to look up your frequent flyer information again! Include meal preferences on flights, or brand preferences to pull your favorite options first. If you have an arranger booking your trip, then they will see all of your information to make the reservation process easy and comfortable.

Multi-Platform Oriented

Use the booking tool on the go or at your work desktop. Wherever you have Internet you have access to book travel. Now, also integrated as a single sign-on with our app!

Intuitive Search

Enjoy an easy to use, intuitive search function to find exactly the flights, hotels, or rental vehicles you are looking for at any given time! You can also create templates of a reservation to make it easy for all travelers to book the same trip or to rebook a trip quickly for repeat destinations