Three “Best in Class” Corporate Travel Solutions

National Travel presents three World Class Travel Management Programs.

All programs include National Travel’s patented “Concierge Class” services, which provide travelers with personal service and customizable and inclusive features unmatched in the travel management spectrum.

Offers price utility as it levels the cost of a transaction to a percentage of the total average based on totals in air purchases.

Offers price utility as it levels the cost of a transaction to a percentage of the total average based on totals in air purchases. The three percent solution benefits both small and large businesses by tying the transaction fee to the spend and utilization of services. The program includes all of National Travel’s Concierge Class Services, but limits transaction charges under our “One World One Fee,” as opposed to multiple transaction charges per reservation due to changes or additional service needs to an existing reservation. The three percent solution allows for one fee online or agent assisted. The advantage – the client receives full service regardless of online or agent assistance. Our senior analyst can develop a model to reflect overall savings and quarterly adjustments.

Concierge class is National Travel’s signature showcase of corporate travel management.

Its inclusive services offered are based on a per transaction fixed cost for both on-line and fully assisted transactions. Concierge Class provides customers with over 50 travel services for the fixed “One World One Fee” concept. Concierge Class pricing is our most popular pricing model for both Corporate and Government account customers. It is still a hallmark of price utility with over 16 of our Government agencies and boards. This Travel Management program affords our clients the ability to personalize its needs for travel policy oversight and is often served by a designated and dedicated team of National Travel personnel.

Save Money with our Corporate Travel Solutions

Our number one goal is to save your company money on your travel expenses, and, on average, we save a client 15% or more their first year working with us! Since we handle such a large amount of travel, we have built strong relationships with airlines, hotels, and rental car companies around the world which gives us strong negotiating power on your behalf. We can improve your corporate rates, track and insist on refunds when needed, ensure you are getting the lowest fare possible, and much more!

Save Time with our Corporate Travel Solutions

Time is money and when it comes to booking travel, we have optimized the process to make it quicker and easier! Our agents can book everything you need with a simple email or phone call and will monitor your reservations to ensure there are no surprises! Or you can use our online booking tool and manage all of your travel centrally. Never have to pursue with a hotel or rental company on a refund again, we will do this for you. Never panic over a schedule change again, we will monitor and ensure you get the best flight. We take the effort out of all travel details.

Experience 24/365 Service

We are here when you need us, all the time. When that flight gets canceled on Christmas Eve and you think you’re stranded, our software provides us advanced insight into that cancellation, and we may have you rebooked before you even learn it’s canceled! Our team is all based right here in the US and are trained to handle any travel needs at any time!

The Designated Corporate Travel Management Program has the advantage of tailoring the travel services with a highly personalized travel program.

The DTM agreements allow for an annual contract, renewable on a three year term. The term is agreed on preceding the contract execution. All DTM agreements have a 60 day cancellation clause.

  • The DTM is based on anticipated volume of reservations. The DTM is billed on a quarterly basis. NTI will bill a central credit card account for the air cost. Virtual cards may be used for hotel accommodations. Rental cars may be directly billed or billed to a credit card.
  • While DTM embraces all of the NTI Concierge Travel Services, it can be designed to include such exclusives as:
    • Dedicated Team which contains its own International Specialists, Gold Star, and VIP Agents.
    • In Addition – Clients of DTM may include an elusive service such as having their own NTI Executive Travel Advisor on location.
    • National Travel private jets can also be utilized with NTPS- working with clients charter providers or providing aircraft scheduling for clients with owned/ leased aircrafts.
    • The DTM encompasses all of the Concierge Services advanced reporting.
    • Travel Policy enforcement and private jets with black car services are also included.
    • Chrome River or Concur may also be included and utilized for the Expense Reporting System.