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For Ground Transportation

No matter how you prefer to get around in your corporate car rentals, we will make it an easy and smooth ride!

We have decades of corporate car rentals experience and contacts with all of the major rental companies around the world that we are ready to leverage to make sure rental experience is perfect.

Corporate Car Rentals

  • Easy Booking with any rental company through our online tool or with an agent.
  • Memberships and Preferences are saved so you always get your reward points and do not need to remember any numbers.
  • Assistance with Receipts and Refunds so you can get on with your day, while we take care of this for you.
  • Negotiate corporate car rental rates to gain company discounts and set up preferred vendors.

This helps to consolidate your bookings and gain leverage with the rental companies.

Corporate Limo Service and Black Car Reservations

For a more comfortable ground transportation experience we can assist in setting up a private vehicle for your travelers. We will compare rates, set up airport transfers, choose types of cars, monitor security qualifications, and manage cancellation policies.

Coach Services

National Travel is abundantly experienced in reserving coaches for groups of all sizes, ranging from small groups of only ten travelers all the way into the thousands! We work to find the best rates with only reputable service providers that will match the level of service our clients learn to expect from us. Our Special Groups Team (SGT) is trained to look for not only quality service but be able to evaluate a bus based on brand, features, and service records to provide the most comfortable ride.

Uber and Lyft for Corporate Business Use

National Travel has organized an Uber or Lyft for Business arrangement that allows us:

  • The ability to schedule rides for travelers in real-time or in advance.
  • No need for your travelers to have the Uber or Lyft app.
  • We track rides through an online dashboard from start to finish.
  • Ability to charge your card after the ride is taken and add this to your invoice.