Hotel Reservations

Keep your travelers in policy, utilize negotiated corporate rates, streamline the payment process.

National Travel is a member of both the American Express Preferred Hotel program and the ABC Hotel program, granting our members access to over 58,000 unique properties around the world! Booking any room rate that is part of this network or part of your company’s negotiated corporate rates will not incur any additional booking fee. Also, booking any property outside of this network will incur no additional fee when booked with a flight included.

Save money with Negotiated Corporate Rates that we will help organize at your frequent destinations using our extensive network of hotel contacts. These negotiated rates may include discounts, special consolidations, or amenities and perks. Keep track of Frequent Guest Memberships Make it easy for your travelers to accrue their hotel points without even thinking about it. We will keep these in their profiles for quick access. Access the American Express Hotel Program to get exclusive deals through our Amex partnership.

Premium Hotel Services

Virtual Card Payments
This can be set up using our partnership with Conferma’s virtual card system. This creates a highly secure one-time use card number for making hotel reservations.

Corporate Card Hotel Direct Billing
We can help make the hotel check-in process easy for your traveler’s that do not have a corporate card by managing the credit card authorization process with the hotel. We will arrange the transaction in advance and allow only charges authorized by your policy to be put on a central corporate card.