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Welcome to the National Travel Weekly Newsletter! The Holidays are a great time to reflect on the year and appreciate the ups and downs we all have faced. This has been quite a difficult year for everyone, but we are so grateful for clients, staff and friends! However you celebrate the season, we hope that you have a safe and Happy Holiday! We have our office open 24/7 so if there are any questions or thoughts we can help with feel free to give us a call

Trending Travel News

Over 40 Countries Restrict Travel from the UK


     A new variant of the coronavirus discovered in the UK prompted the recent tightening of restrictions and even lockdowns in some areas.  Many countries around the world are now imposing bans and restrictions on travel to and from the United Kingdom in an attempt to stall the spread of the new variant.  Over 40 countries have introduced new restrictions for the UK as well as for some other areas where the variant has been detected.  Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia, all have reports of the new variant, while in South Africa, a second coronavirus variant has also been detected.  

     As of now, the United States does not have plans to impose any new travel restrictions for the UK.  The Center for Disease Control has also not yet made any recommendations regarding any new travel restrictions, but they are closely monitoring the situation.  According to the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, while they are finding that the new variant is “significantly more transmissible,” they have not found any evidence that infections are more severe. 

National Travel is closely monitoring the daily changes in travel restrictions around the world.  Your travel agent is well equipped to advise you on any restrictions for your destination.   

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Image Source: Christopher Ott
Airline Passenger Satisfaction At All-Time High

     According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index study from April to September of this year, airline passenger satisfaction is at an all-time high.  ACSI attributes these results to less crowded flights, which allows for better service for the fewer passengers on board.  

     Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines stood out in the study, taking first and second place in rankings and also improving their overall scores from the previous year.  While Delta ranked highest for cleanliness and seat comfort, Southwest surpassed them for their check-in process and best value. 

Marriott Adds COVID Testing Options for Meetings and Events

     As a part of Marriott’s Connect with Confidence program, they will begin offering new optional health protocols for meetings and events at their properties beginning in January 2021.  The new program will include self-administered testing options as well as onsite testing through a third-party testing provider for event and meeting attendees.  

     The procedures will initially be available at Marriott’s Gaylord Hotels and Resorts in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee and Texas, before expanding throughout the US shortly thereafter. 

Now Open in Travel

Now Open for US Travelers: 

  • Mexico:     Currently no testing requirement in effect.

10 New Luxury Hotels Opening in 2021

     Many American’s experiencing pent-up desires to travel are looking forward to exploring again in 2021.  Whether you’re looking for a luxury stay for business or pleasure, these new hotels offer something for everyone.  Give us a call to book your stay at one of these properties today!

Image Source: Anthony Tyrrell via Unsplash

Holidays Around the World!

As a Travel Management Company, we appreciate traditions from different cultures and destinations! Here are three of our favorite Holiday Traditions from around the world!

Image Source: Discover Puerto Rico


Similar to eggnog (but better) Coquito, a traditional drink from Puerto Rico, is a staple at holiday gatherings on the island.  The name means “small coconut,” and this drink is a great way to kick off your holiday celebrations!
Click her for the recipe!

Christmas Boats

Greece has a long-standing tradition of decorating boats with strings of lights.    The boat represents a symbol of moving towards a new life in Greek tradition.
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Image Source: Alexandros Michailidis via Shutterstock
Image Source: Jeff Siepman via Unsplash

Open a Bottle!

In the wine-making region of the South of France, it is customary to end the Shabbat that follows Hanukah by opening a new bottle of wine.  Those who celebrate may also travel around their neighborhood sharing wine and toasting to the celebration with their community.
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