Insider Report 6/11/2020

This week we focus on the rental car industry, covering both how it is changing in post COVID times to what the top-rated companies are for the year and why!

Welcome to the weekly National Travel newsletter!  You are receiving this because you have traveled with us in the past and we want to provide valuable updates on how travel can continue in the future!  This week we focus on the rental car industry, covering both how it is changing in post COVID times to what the top-rated companies are for the year and why!   Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend and hope to assist in your travels again soon!


Following the growing concerns over the spread of disease, many of the major car rental companies are increasing their cleaning and sanitization efforts to protect their customers.  Enterprise’s ‘Complete Clean Pledge,’ details every item that is cleaned in their vehicles between renters and also lists how they are protecting their employees.  To promote safety and healthy social-distancing practices at their locations, they will be limiting the number of employees on duty, minimizing direct customer interaction and taking more precautions to help limit the spread of illness.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly had a massive impact on many travel providers and companies.  On Friday, May 22nd, Hertz, a leader in the car-rental industry, announced they would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid a drastic decline in their profits as well as a lack of new bookings.   The company remains in operation while reporting that they plan to restructure their debt and come out on top as a stronger company.  
Interested in learning more? :  Hertz stock rockets to erase all post-bankruptcy losses


This Monday, June 8th, Business Travel News, released their annual survey results for the top US car rental company rankings.  The undisputed champion of this year, as well as the past six years, was National Car Rental.  National ranked the highest in all of the 11 categories except for best mobile app, which went to Avis, ranking at number 3.  National scored over 4.5 points (out of 5) in providing clean, well-serviced cars, productivity of rentals, upgrades/VIP services, and complaint resolution.  National has also improved the efficiency of their Emerald Aisle service and continues efforts to more quickly get customers into their vehicles.  
Trailing behind by just 12 points, was National’s sister company, Enterprise, who also showed the biggest improvement of .17 pts and jumped from 4th place in the previous year.  Partner companies Avis and Budget also showed improvement in their scores, while Hertz was the only company to show a decline, falling .09 points from last year.  Hertz has perhaps struggled the most with the recent decline in travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.  
Methodology of BTNs Car Rental Survey
From April 9 through May 12, 2020, BTN surveyed travel manager and travel buyer members of the BTN Research Council and a randomly selected subset of qualified subscribers of BTN and Travel Procurement. Equation Research hosted the survey and tabulated the results, and totals were based on 327 respondents. Those respondents graded only those car rental companies with which they had negotiated contracts or booked meaningful amounts of business in the past year. Brands that did not reach a minimum usage threshold were disqualified from the survey. BTN averaged the category scores to create an overall score for each car rental company. Responses from participants who did not respond to questions for a particular category or brand were not included in that category or brand’s average. Categories were consistent with those measured in the 2019 survey.
Fun Fact of the Week!
In Morocco, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see a tree full of goats.  That’s right, goats.  These animals regularly climb trees to get food!

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