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Traveler-inspired and agent-developed, our app has all your national travel needs right on your mobile, automatically!

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Our Travel Control Board provides access to all travel data, itineraries, invoices, traveler mapping and travel alerts in one central place! Traveler Safety and Security is always a top priority.  With our traveler map you can quickly identify where your travelers are in case of emergency.

The Intelligent Traveler App is designed to provide an extra layer of convenience to every trip you take.

  • Sign on to the online booking tool and make reservations with one click.
  • View your itinerary without digging through emails.
  • Request we check you in and send the boarding pass to your app.
  • Record Expenses by photographing receipts and send an expense report instantly.
  • Request an Uber directly to your hotel.
  • Receive flight alerts for delays or cancellations.
  • Receive alternative flight options in case of a delay or cancellation.
  • Chat directly with the agency with a simple chat function.
Corporate Intelligent Traveler
Corporate Intelligent Traveler
Corporate Intelligent Traveler

Client Travel Dashboard

This is a tool for central travel management to enhance traveler security, enable a clear overview of your travelers’ itineraries, and provide instant reports on your travel program expenses.

Corporate Intelligent Traveler

Corporate Intelligent Traveler


Geosure is here to keep your travelers safe!  This software provides safety scores for cities, countries, and even neighborhoods!

Now you can make sure your travelers are staying in the best locations for them and minimize your company’s risk at all times!

Corporate Intelligent Traveler