Corporate and Government Travel Reporting

The right travel reports can help to optimize your travel spend, keep your travelers in compliance with your policy, and show useful trends that can be used to leverage vendor discounts!

Our Top 5 Standard Reports

  • Automated Invoice System – This makes it easy to retrieve your travel invoices anytime from anywhere. The more of your travelers that book through our service, the easier it becomes to keep all your travel expenses in order.
  • Spend Analysis Quarterly Report – This includes an executive summary of all your travel with graphs to make it easy to read so you can quickly see where your biggest travel expenses are coming from and how we can help your travelers improve.
  • Supplier Management Quarterly Report – This includes the top destinations, hotels, car rentals and airlines that have been used within a quarter. With this report, we can see exactly what type of negotiation power we have with each of the suppliers so we can negotiate better rates on your behalf!
  • Quarterly Waivers and Favors Report – This report highlights where we have actively saved your organization money on various reservations. That includes negotiating with hotels, getting fees waived, or finding free upgrades to apply.
  • Account Database on Airline Unused Credits – This report allows us to keep track of all airline credits that were not used and could be used at a later time. We can automatically apply these credits when a new booking is made to ensure you never lose out on those savings.
Government Travel Reports

Prime Analytics Premium Reporting

Our Premium reporting options include the use of Prime Numbers technology, Prime Analytics. This dynamic reporting tool is used by companies around the world to gain a higher-level understanding of their travel expenses and policies.

Benchmarking Analysis:
Take control of your benchmark metrics. Choose to calculate and compare against companies with similar spend, industry and geographical location – even compare against your own past performance, to explore and manage changes. With Prime Analytics, custom calculations and “on the fly” benchmarking
are just a few clicks away.

Traveler Scorecard API, Encourage Better Travel Behavior:
Provide your travelers the insight they need to make the best booking decisions. Our Traveler Scorecard API delivers live benchmark data about your travelers’ booking habits, showing them how they measure up to your policy goals, and the compliance scores of their peers. Integrate traveler scorecards within booking tools, traveler portals, and more to show travelers the impact behind their policy choices.

Credit Card Integration and Expense Analysis

Expense Analysis allows corporations to gain visibility into total travel spend by integrating credit card, expense, and TMC data. This integration provides:

  • Total Travel Costs – View total travel cost within one location, instead of in silos.
  • Leakage Reporting – Reduce costs by identifying and targeting preferred vendor leakage.
  • Automation & Reconciliation – Automate the matching of credit card and expense data to TMC
  • Ancillary Costs – Report and analyze travel costs beyond air, car, and hotel.
  • Budgets – Set and track spend budgets.

This makes for an easy reconciliation process and better analysis on a more granular level so your finance team can determine exactly where the company can improve or change policy.

Government Travel Reports

ChromeRiver Premium Expense Reporting

Our partnership with ChromeRiver allows us to provide fully integrated expense reporting to make credit card reconciliation easy. Chrome River EXPENSE is an online expense report automation solution for organizations looking to better automate and control their expense entry, routing, approval and
reimbursement process. It controls costs, improves operational efficiency, reduces risk, provides increased expense spend visibility, and delights users.

Key Benefits to Expense Processing

  • Global track record
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • International taxation and compliance capabilities
  • Strong experienced executive team
  • Visibility and control
  • Value driven approach with lower cost of ownership
  • Seamless Integration with HRIS, ERP’s, Corporate Card, CRM

The Real Value of ChromeRiver

  • The technology is superior—and configured to your specifications
  • The solutions are easy to use and we’re easy to work with
  • Simple, all-inclusive pricing with flexible pricing models offered (3 different pricing models depending on needs)
  • Local implementation and support – 99% customer satisfaction, 2% churn
  • Mobile expense management on the go, wherever you are

Type of company that is a good fit for ChromeRiver

  • Wants to optimize all expense processing
  • A minimum of 200 traveler profiles