Government Event Management

Government Event And Hotel Software For Meeting Planners

CityTRAX is a 100% web-based software-as-a-service application, so Meeting Planners can take advantage of its benefits on day one without investing in technical expertise, resources, or large overhead.

Government Event Management made easy.  Meeting Planners can create events on the fly – no more waiting for your event site to be set up. Using the simple Event Wizard, you can have a meeting online and be ready to accept registrations in a matter of minutes.

This full-service event registration management system streamlines and simplifies the management of event housing:

  • Event Booking Website personalized to your event and company.
  • Hotel Booking tool for easy room block management.
  • One of the industries only PCI compliant room list delivery technologies to Automate Secure Room Lists and Room Confirmations.
  • Integrated registration so event planners can seamlessly link preferred event registration to the hotel booking system and integrate attendee registrations.
  • Session Management to easily orchestrate smaller group events within the main event, including meal plans, individual attendee preferences, or capacity limits.
  • Built in Email Marketing to easily communicate with guest list, send local attractions or reminders to sign up for events.
  • Learn more about our Government Event Management on our website for cityTRAX.

GSA Certification

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