Government Online Booking

Government Online Booking Tools utilizing GetThere Dashboards 

Major government agencies, as well as Fortune 500 companies, utilize our online booking system, which can consider your organization’s travel policy, preferences, and expense management all in one place.  This unique dashboard, featuring at-your-fingertips service, puts you in control of your travel arrangements. We also have built-in quality control measures and an instant messaging feature that allow online agents to assist with any questions as you navigate the system.

Government Online Booking

  • Personalize your booking tool to prevent travelers from booking out of policy flights and easily improve travel policy compliance.
  • Save corporate air and car accounts to your site so corporate airline miles or negotiated rental agreements will automatically be included with every reservation.
  • Include personalized notifications to alert travelers of company policies or announcements.

Convenient Traveler Profiles

Save your travel preferences and membership numbers right to your profile so you never need to look up your frequent flyer information again! Include meal preferences on flights, or brand preferences to pull your favorite options first. If you have an arranger booking your trip, then they will see all of your information to make the reservation process easy and comfortable.

Multi-Platform Oriented

Use the booking tool on the go or at your work desktop. Wherever you have Internet you have access to book travel. Now, also integrated as a single sign-on with our app!

Intuitive Search

Enjoy an easy to use, intuitive search function to find exactly the flights, hotels, or rental vehicles you are looking for at any given time! You can also create templates for a reservation to make it easy for all travelers to book the same trip or to rebook a trip quickly for repeat destinations.

GSA Certification

View our updated GSA Contract that has led many government agencies to trust National Travel as their preferred travel partner.

View GSA Contract